🐦 Blue-Footed Booby Day 🐦 ·

Blue-Footed Booby Day is a Pastafarian Holy Day which occurred on .

The Blue-footed Booby has captivated the human imagination for centuries with its mating display, in which its vivid baby-blue feet play a key role. The other part of the name—booby—is reportedly taken from the Spanish for “stupid,” (“bobo”) and refers to these birds’ tameness around people. Like its North Atlantic relative the Northern Gannet, Blue-footed Boobies catch fish in spectacular dives from high in the air. Watching large flocks pursue shoaling fish can be breathtaking, with hundreds plunging into the ocean at any moment. [1]

Pastafarian holidays are observed by adherents of Pastafarianism, the world’s fastest-growing carbohydrate-based religion.